Monday, September 27, 2010

The next few days to follow...

Since that night he told me that he would call me in a few days, I had some time to think about what my body was telling me on our first meeting.  The lack of personal contact he gave me said one thing but the way he looked into my eyes and listen intently told me something very different.

Not sure that he would even ever call me back, but knowing what he had awoke inside of me, my mind went to fantasy.  Wondering what kind of lover he would be my mind started running in overdrive.  Knowing the things that he had told me that he enjoyed I pictured myself being a part of. 

Water games and Swinger clubs being part of these fantasies.  It came in a very realistic dream that we went to one of the local bars and while having a few drinks we decided to walk around.  As we left the bar there was a hallway that had several doors all of which were open. 

In the first room there were two couples that  we saw earlier talking and undressing each other with their eyes and now they were completely naked and just starting to actually undress and the room was getting very hot. 

The next room was way past heavy petting and there were two men with a lady in between them.  She was trying very hard to concentrate on giving a blow job to one man while the other was not only slamming his member into her slit but squeezing her nipples and guiding her body with the pulling of her tits. 

What was going on in the next room surprised me more then any of them.  Where I have been living in the lifestyle for probably six years now I had never seen someone get caned.  As we stood there in the doorway a Dom/Master latched his sub/slave to the giant X that was attached to the wall.  She had not a stitch of clothing to protect her, her arms where attached at the wrist as well as her ankles to the contraption.  He gave us a smiling glance and then took the cane from a tub of water.  She had long black hair and a tattoo that I can remember in detail, it was a bright green ivy vine from the nape of her long slender neck wrapping around her very pale body twice down to the small of her back as if a permanent belt.   It was now being crossed by bright red welts  from the lashings of the cane.  He too went across her back, down her buttocks and all the way down to her very thin delicate calves.  We stood there for what seemed to be an eternity watching her body struggle with the cuffs and cry uncountablably. As her ass became more red, we could hear her beg for more and you could see the contrast from the rose colored stripes and the wetness that was her excitement run down her legs.  I reached over and rubbed his crotch to see if his reaction was the same as mine and he was as hard as a rock, which only made me more wet and hotter then I had been all night. 

We then decided to keep exploring what was going on in these other rooms yet nothing caught our attention.  Then was the door outside, as we emerged there were couples sitting at various tables benches and even beds either just making out or full fledged having wild animal sex.  As we looked around there was really no place for us to relax, my date then announced that he needed to go pee and ordered me to my knees.  Immediately I obeyed.  He began aiming for my mouth which I opened longingly, as his juices pouring down my neck and making my white blouse all wet and transparent everyone could see that I was not wearing a bra and how much my body enjoyed this because of just how hard my nipples were.  While his hot lemonade ran down my body I felt his wetness combine with my own as I got so turned on to something I never imagined before I would be. 

At that point I woke up and had to immediately take a cold shower.