Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of course he called...

He did call three days later as you probably can tell since I am writing a blog about us.. lol   But, since this is our blog, I wanna jump into the now for just this post. 

He is so incredibly fabulous!!!  The most insatiable lover and since he still travels back and forth, he thought it would be a wonderful thing to buy us a fucking machine!  Wonderful is an understatement.  I have been looking forward to its delivery since the day he ordered it, so the today when it finally arrived I was giddy and anxious all day at work.

It was finally 5pm and quitting time, the cars could not have been fast enough if it was the autobahn and they were all traveling 120mph home.  I know that my Master had to be just as excited about its arrival as I was because he had the evening already planned it seemed.  After doing the little bit of assembly and cleaning of the "tools," he instructed me to strip down and go to our amply stocked toy chest and retrieve the clamps and a whip.  I quickly did as instructed since I knew of the pleasures he was about to endow on me.  Completely set up I laid in front of our new toy and awaited further instruction. 

First were the clamps, now after being a sub/slave for so long there truly is no pleasure without some pain and I am very glad to say that my Master is very skilled in both.  He first told me to take one of the clamps and affix it to my right nipple, next was the left nipple, instantly I was wet.  Then another clamp was to be placed on my right lip and then a second, then two were placed to match on my left lip of my very wet hole.  I'm getting wet just recalling the events that happened all while he is watching from my web cam.  He then has me to gently run my right pointer finger just barely graze my clit.  Already I am ready to cum, yet I have specific instructions that I cannot.  I feel the temperature in the room raise as my heart rate sky rockets. Moaning is very difficult if you cannot cum because of the vibrations that coarse through your body.  All the while I see the look of intense feelings from my Love make not climaxing that much harder.  He loves to see my hole and the wider I can open it up for him the better, the next instruction was to open my lips as wide as I can with the clamps while pinching my clit pinched between my thumbnails.  Wow, I hope you can imagine that feeling if not you must try it.  As wet as I am and as open as I can be he then instructs me to put the machine inside of me.  The overwhelming sense of being so full of cock has never been more apparent than at this moment.  With the clamps still attached to my lips and nipples as well as the whip in reaching distance and the intense imagination of my Master I am most definitely in for a long night...

Monday, September 27, 2010

The next few days to follow...

Since that night he told me that he would call me in a few days, I had some time to think about what my body was telling me on our first meeting.  The lack of personal contact he gave me said one thing but the way he looked into my eyes and listen intently told me something very different.

Not sure that he would even ever call me back, but knowing what he had awoke inside of me, my mind went to fantasy.  Wondering what kind of lover he would be my mind started running in overdrive.  Knowing the things that he had told me that he enjoyed I pictured myself being a part of. 

Water games and Swinger clubs being part of these fantasies.  It came in a very realistic dream that we went to one of the local bars and while having a few drinks we decided to walk around.  As we left the bar there was a hallway that had several doors all of which were open. 

In the first room there were two couples that  we saw earlier talking and undressing each other with their eyes and now they were completely naked and just starting to actually undress and the room was getting very hot. 

The next room was way past heavy petting and there were two men with a lady in between them.  She was trying very hard to concentrate on giving a blow job to one man while the other was not only slamming his member into her slit but squeezing her nipples and guiding her body with the pulling of her tits. 

What was going on in the next room surprised me more then any of them.  Where I have been living in the lifestyle for probably six years now I had never seen someone get caned.  As we stood there in the doorway a Dom/Master latched his sub/slave to the giant X that was attached to the wall.  She had not a stitch of clothing to protect her, her arms where attached at the wrist as well as her ankles to the contraption.  He gave us a smiling glance and then took the cane from a tub of water.  She had long black hair and a tattoo that I can remember in detail, it was a bright green ivy vine from the nape of her long slender neck wrapping around her very pale body twice down to the small of her back as if a permanent belt.   It was now being crossed by bright red welts  from the lashings of the cane.  He too went across her back, down her buttocks and all the way down to her very thin delicate calves.  We stood there for what seemed to be an eternity watching her body struggle with the cuffs and cry uncountablably. As her ass became more red, we could hear her beg for more and you could see the contrast from the rose colored stripes and the wetness that was her excitement run down her legs.  I reached over and rubbed his crotch to see if his reaction was the same as mine and he was as hard as a rock, which only made me more wet and hotter then I had been all night. 

We then decided to keep exploring what was going on in these other rooms yet nothing caught our attention.  Then was the door outside, as we emerged there were couples sitting at various tables benches and even beds either just making out or full fledged having wild animal sex.  As we looked around there was really no place for us to relax, my date then announced that he needed to go pee and ordered me to my knees.  Immediately I obeyed.  He began aiming for my mouth which I opened longingly, as his juices pouring down my neck and making my white blouse all wet and transparent everyone could see that I was not wearing a bra and how much my body enjoyed this because of just how hard my nipples were.  While his hot lemonade ran down my body I felt his wetness combine with my own as I got so turned on to something I never imagined before I would be. 

At that point I woke up and had to immediately take a cold shower. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

There are very few times in life that make you look back and say, "Wow."

Being done with a marriage that was too long and knowing how hard it seems to get the whole relationship idea right, we both walked into this meeting with a very narrow view on what we were looking for.  Well, basically, we were wanting to see if the other was good looking enough, intelligent enough. and may be even talented enough to sleep with or at least entertain each other for the little bit of time that he was in town. 

That night turned out to be so much more. 

As I sat across from him in the middle of the restaurant, looking for signs that he could be just the same as every guy before I had been attracted to.  In the past the men would first beat their chest to prove that they were the silver back that I needed and then they would turn into monkeys that would just run around throwing their shit at who ever may pass by.  He was nothing like that.  He hypnotized me with the way he spoke and his smile, oh how his smile made me moist.  I would say in my past I had a lack luster sex life, however, I did explore.  Having more than my share of fantasies and had even carried out a couple of them.  Yet with this man I felt as if I was suddenly realizing what I truly longed for.  While exploring what each other had experienced from canings to bondage and the difference of submissive and slavery, I instantly realized that  I wanted to please Him.  It was the passion and intensity in the gaze from His grey blue eyes that captured me. 

We continued our conversation as we walked down the blvd.  Sexual innuendos flying everywhere we stopped in a little shop and looked at the crafts and candles.  This conversation I do remember word for word considering we were out in public and in a very quiet shop.  He told me about one of his ladies that he had in the past and how she liked dogs, from their warm tongues lapping at her wet pussy, their dicks as they would knot up when inside, and how the taste of their cum was hideous.  I cannot recall the breed of dog that she had trained but I continuously imagined a Great Dane.  With most men this conversation could be uncomfortable in the public, but with him, he completely made me feel safe.  That safe feeling made the night so much more exciting.

The ease of our conversation about everything amazed me.  Of course, even with all the openness of our conversation I couldn't tell him how much I wanted him to bend me over the bench at the Kilwin's and thrust himself inside me right there in front of everyone at the ice cream shop, or how the touch of his hand would have shot fireworks of ecstasy through my body.  He had my imagination running crazy that night but I couldn't let him know this.  So excited that when we finally ended our date that I had to take a long hot shower until the heat of the water boiled my skin to a blood red so I could relax enough to sleep.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starting at the begining...

I suppose that I have been a sub for my whole life.  Looking back there have been so many things that have put me where I am today.  When I was a child I was very unruly and as much as I would not have admitted to it then, I was looking for someone to be able to handle, understand, and appreciate who I was and still am. 

Constantly looking for someone that showed me that they deserved my respect and obedience, there were plenty of people that tried to forbid me or make me obey them, however, none that showed me that I could trust them with the true me. 

First there was my very first boyfriend.  We went to church together and he had my loyal devotion for two years.  He was a preachers son and everyone knows the stories about them.  Where the sex was OK and really nothing to write home about I knew that we were young and if we stayed together for the long hall that it was bound to get better right?  There was something else missing though.  When he would try to demand my respect he never followed my disobedience with a punishment or even got upset.  To be specific when he went away to college he told me that he would be back in town on a certain day and that I "better be home and waiting for him."   With this being said I immediately called up a few of my friends and made a day out swimming and sun bathing away from everything.  No phone for him to call me, no way for him to know where I was.  Two days later he finally was able to touch base with me and I told him where and what I was doing he simply replied, "I thought we had plans."  Not upset at all, no real reaction to my insolence.  All I could think is that there was not enough feeling in him for me to give me that emotion that I longed for. 

Unfortunately, later I subjected myself to plenty of punishment by marrying the wrong man for 11 years.  Knowing within the first year that any rational woman would have ran, I stayed around.  Being humiliated, abused and neglected over and over by a person that would like to think of himself as a man.  With him I found the emotion.  The sex was better but very limited.  He was one of those guys that was intimidated by toys or anything experimental, anal was out of the question, and so was having an imagination (at least with me).  Everything with him was a battle from what I wore to who looked at me.  Where I thought that since he showed the passion in his abuse there had to be love in there for me, but sadly there was none.  Finally when my life was at risk I left. 

After all this and not having a label for who I am I spent the next five years looking at every avenue trying to find where I belonged.  Looking for a true man can be an incredibly exhausting task as any woman would tell you.  When you find one absolutely amazing quality in a guy then there is another that is just as essential that is either lacking or completely not there.  Am I not telling the truth ladies?  I am sure that the same goes for us, guys.  However, I found my niche by accident one evening while out with some new found friends when I moved down to Florida. 

The one thing that I have always had is an incredibly open mind to everything.  Wanting to experience everything life has to offer, I was presented with the opportunity to go to a fetish party sponsored by the Fetish Factory here in Fort Lauderdale.  In the past anytime I would go out there had to be an ample amount of alcohol, this evening was completely different than any one before for me.  Of course, there was a bar and plenty of willing men to buy the adult beverages for me, my mind was on overload just on the activities around me.  One in particular was the Dominant dressed as the Devil himself with an amazing toy that I later found out was a violet wand.  He had his submissive there and demonstrated on her what would happen and the way she looked at him was so incredibly intense.  The love, passion, and reverence that she showed him was what I had always wanted to feel for someone, not to mention the emotion, adoration and respect he extended to her.  My interest in them lasted the whole night.  Finally, I had another guy come up and offer me a drink and I told him that he could buy me a bottle of water to offer the Dom to put me up on the table to experience what she feels even if just for a moment.  The look he gave me during all of this finally showed me where I fit in. 

Since then I was sure that I am a submissive and need a strong Dominant man in my life.  The man that I was with at that time knew nothing about this life.  He tried to accommodate my desires but it was nothing that he enjoyed or even had an interest in.  So from that there was an end to another relationship for me.

After that relationship was over I kept striving to find that look that the Dom and sub shared that night.  To find THE man that I belonged to was not the easiest thing, so I tried to find a man that belonged to me.  Maybe it would be just as good if I could find that look if I was on the other side of the cane.  I did find several men that were looking for a woman to Dominate them.  One man wanted me over and over to play water games with him.  Well, actually all he wanted was for me to pee on him.  At this point that was not what I wanted, to tell you the truth I still do not have the desire to pee on anyone.  There was another that wanted me to treat him as a slave, to me that was too much work.  He needed me to tell him what to do every second of the day.  The intoxication of power was nice for a very short period of time but the fact that everything was so routine was almost annoying.  At that point I had given up on finding what I wanted and decided to put to rest my desires of finding that one man that I could desire with every cell of my being. 

Then came the day that my sibling actually told me about her being in the lifestyle as well.  Which was a very big surprise for me.  She had just found out and was experimenting and when she found out that I was as well had many questions.  While answering questions for her my passion for finding that perfect Dom for me quickly arose again.  She told me about a site on the internet  So I put a very short ad on there and the next day there were several replies.  The funny thing is that I could not tell you today what exactly it was about this one answer that stood out from the rest but He did.  I started talking with him instantly and when I returned home we met.

He will say that there was nothing that I said particularly that kept his attention and that I am the exact opposite from every woman that He had ever been with.  When we met at the Cheesecake Factory on Las Olas Blvd., we both were apprehensive about who or what we would meet.  Neither of us looking to see the future with the other but I will honestly say that He had something that demanded the respect in His eyes.  Our relationship started with the preconception that it would just be for fun in the moment, but with the power that I saw in His eyes I longed to see how it would manifest itself. 

This is where the story of my life as a woman and a sub truly has begun...