Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of course he called...

He did call three days later as you probably can tell since I am writing a blog about us.. lol   But, since this is our blog, I wanna jump into the now for just this post. 

He is so incredibly fabulous!!!  The most insatiable lover and since he still travels back and forth, he thought it would be a wonderful thing to buy us a fucking machine!  Wonderful is an understatement.  I have been looking forward to its delivery since the day he ordered it, so the today when it finally arrived I was giddy and anxious all day at work.

It was finally 5pm and quitting time, the cars could not have been fast enough if it was the autobahn and they were all traveling 120mph home.  I know that my Master had to be just as excited about its arrival as I was because he had the evening already planned it seemed.  After doing the little bit of assembly and cleaning of the "tools," he instructed me to strip down and go to our amply stocked toy chest and retrieve the clamps and a whip.  I quickly did as instructed since I knew of the pleasures he was about to endow on me.  Completely set up I laid in front of our new toy and awaited further instruction. 

First were the clamps, now after being a sub/slave for so long there truly is no pleasure without some pain and I am very glad to say that my Master is very skilled in both.  He first told me to take one of the clamps and affix it to my right nipple, next was the left nipple, instantly I was wet.  Then another clamp was to be placed on my right lip and then a second, then two were placed to match on my left lip of my very wet hole.  I'm getting wet just recalling the events that happened all while he is watching from my web cam.  He then has me to gently run my right pointer finger just barely graze my clit.  Already I am ready to cum, yet I have specific instructions that I cannot.  I feel the temperature in the room raise as my heart rate sky rockets. Moaning is very difficult if you cannot cum because of the vibrations that coarse through your body.  All the while I see the look of intense feelings from my Love make not climaxing that much harder.  He loves to see my hole and the wider I can open it up for him the better, the next instruction was to open my lips as wide as I can with the clamps while pinching my clit pinched between my thumbnails.  Wow, I hope you can imagine that feeling if not you must try it.  As wet as I am and as open as I can be he then instructs me to put the machine inside of me.  The overwhelming sense of being so full of cock has never been more apparent than at this moment.  With the clamps still attached to my lips and nipples as well as the whip in reaching distance and the intense imagination of my Master I am most definitely in for a long night...

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