Saturday, September 18, 2010

There are very few times in life that make you look back and say, "Wow."

Being done with a marriage that was too long and knowing how hard it seems to get the whole relationship idea right, we both walked into this meeting with a very narrow view on what we were looking for.  Well, basically, we were wanting to see if the other was good looking enough, intelligent enough. and may be even talented enough to sleep with or at least entertain each other for the little bit of time that he was in town. 

That night turned out to be so much more. 

As I sat across from him in the middle of the restaurant, looking for signs that he could be just the same as every guy before I had been attracted to.  In the past the men would first beat their chest to prove that they were the silver back that I needed and then they would turn into monkeys that would just run around throwing their shit at who ever may pass by.  He was nothing like that.  He hypnotized me with the way he spoke and his smile, oh how his smile made me moist.  I would say in my past I had a lack luster sex life, however, I did explore.  Having more than my share of fantasies and had even carried out a couple of them.  Yet with this man I felt as if I was suddenly realizing what I truly longed for.  While exploring what each other had experienced from canings to bondage and the difference of submissive and slavery, I instantly realized that  I wanted to please Him.  It was the passion and intensity in the gaze from His grey blue eyes that captured me. 

We continued our conversation as we walked down the blvd.  Sexual innuendos flying everywhere we stopped in a little shop and looked at the crafts and candles.  This conversation I do remember word for word considering we were out in public and in a very quiet shop.  He told me about one of his ladies that he had in the past and how she liked dogs, from their warm tongues lapping at her wet pussy, their dicks as they would knot up when inside, and how the taste of their cum was hideous.  I cannot recall the breed of dog that she had trained but I continuously imagined a Great Dane.  With most men this conversation could be uncomfortable in the public, but with him, he completely made me feel safe.  That safe feeling made the night so much more exciting.

The ease of our conversation about everything amazed me.  Of course, even with all the openness of our conversation I couldn't tell him how much I wanted him to bend me over the bench at the Kilwin's and thrust himself inside me right there in front of everyone at the ice cream shop, or how the touch of his hand would have shot fireworks of ecstasy through my body.  He had my imagination running crazy that night but I couldn't let him know this.  So excited that when we finally ended our date that I had to take a long hot shower until the heat of the water boiled my skin to a blood red so I could relax enough to sleep.

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